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Community Council Minutes October 24, 2018 

Members in attendance:  Karen Neiswender, Celeste Drake, Sarah Tesch, Angie Richards and Nancy Lamb.

Final Report for 2017-2018:  Discussed need for financial liason, and need for a budget update every month.  Discussed Dibels assessment by grade.  Discussed Math assessment results.  Sage data for grades 3-6 is reported online for parents to view.  We also met the goal to have a computer aide and FAME aides (Fine arts instruction) teach lessons to each class every week to allow teachers to meet in PLC meetings.

Current School Land Trust plan (including monthly financial updates):  Discussed current spending results and upcoming expenditures for technology needs and aide pay.

November Election- Question 1:  Watch the short informational video by KSL regarding Question 1 on the ballot.


Dates for future meetings:

January 30, 2019 @3:45

March 21, 2019 @3:45

H. Guy Child Community Council Minutes -September 13, 2018


Members in attendance:  Karen Neiswender, Sarah Tesch, Angie Richards, Nancy Lamb and Celeste Drake.

School Improvement Plan- Reviewed last years budget.  Proposed a budget for this year.

Our Schools Now- Support the 10 cent per gallon gas tax increase to generate money for our schools. 

Community Council Membership, Website requirements, Training- Sarah Tesch nominated as Community Council chair.  Angie Richards 2nd the motion.

Reports due- October.  Waiting on dibels testing scores.  

Rules and Procedures

Dates for future meetings:

     October 24, 2018 @3:45pm in the library

     January 30, 2019 @3:45pm

     March 21, 2019 @3:45pm

H. Guy Child Community Council Agenda

Mar. 28, 2018

The meeting began at 3:45 p.m. and was held in the school library.  In attendance were Karen Neiswender, Delene Butler, Angie Richards, Sarah Tesch, and Marilyn Parker.

Items discussed:

School Improvement Plan

Community Council Membership

Digital Citizenship

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m..

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